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Sonu Nigam gets trolled for wishing to be a Pakistani

Famous Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, has been getting a lot of heat on social media. Earlier Nigam in a tweet had passed a statement that he wished he was from Pakistan so that he could get a few songs.

Although the singer’s statement pointed towards something else, people took his words out of context and started trolling him.

Apparently, Sonu is not happy over the hiring of Pakistani music artists by the Bollywood Industry. Being vocal about his concerns, the renowned singer blamed Pakistani singers for his plight and downfall in the music industry on the growing popularity of Pakistani counterparts.

Earlier, the Bollywood sweetheart had complained that it was getting hard to sleep in India, with the loud and increasing number of times Azaan was recited. People took no time in reacting on Twitter, trolling the singer over his comments regarding Azaan.

One such user said that now Sonu wishes to be from Pakistan only to get work in India, but then he’ll have to wake up to Azaan every day.

Here’s an interesting one… Arijit Singh is a “PAKISTANI’ singer all thanks to Sonu!!!

True Indian went on to ask if the singer knows that there’s ‘NO’ ban on Azaan in Pakistan right??

Following the trolls and taunts from fans and Twitter users, the singer took it to Twitter and expressed disappointment over how his words were taken out of context.

Well, we hope all works out well for Sonu Nigam but following his Azaan controversy and now wishing to be a Pakistani is surely going to make a lot of noise on social media.


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