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Sheikh Rashid announces Railways mobile app, but people believe he is taking credit for PML-N’s work

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Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid announced on Twitter that the ministry will introduce a mobile app to facilitate the travelers and people are calling him out for crediting someone else’s work to his name.

This is what Sheikh Rashid said:

As soon as he tweeted this, several Twitter users responded claiming that the app was launched by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Saad Rafique during his time as the minister.

Reham Khan slams Rashid, says app was launched by Saad Rafique

Source: GIPHY

This user claims that the app already exists and that it is available on the play store

Here’s another user citing Railways Ministry website from February 2017 that the app, or a similar one, was indeed launched during PML-N tenure

Even a Sheikh Rasheed supporter says the app existed before and said credit should be given where due. Fair Play.

‘It was already announced by Saad Rafique’

Here are screenshots of the PML-N launched Railways app

Source: Google Play Store

But let us just give Sheikh Rashid and Railways Ministry benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are launching a new app or just introducing upgrades to an already existing one?

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