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Sarfaraz Ahmed memefied after he fails to deliver against South Africa

If there is one person you would not want to be at this moment in time, that is Pakistani skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed.

Sarfaraz, who got out for zero in both innings of the Test match against South Africa, is under immense fire for failing to offer individual performances and being too harsh on other players.

And this is how Pakistani’s feel

Source: Giphy

South Africa now require just 148 runs to win and given they do win the Test match, pressure will mount on the Pakistani skipper as fans are growing more and more impatient of the Karachi native.

People are sharing memes over the entire Sarfaraz situation and they are really not nice if you are Sarfaraz

Sarfaraz’s wagon wheel 

We are sure PM Imran Khan did not mean it for Sarfaraz 

There were rumours of a rift between Sarfaraz, a couple other players and coach Mickey Arthur

No comments

His recent performances have been everything but impressive

What does this mean? Hmm…

It is clear that Sarfaraz Ahmed is not having the best of times individually but there’s only so many chances that he can have. Do you think it is time to make someone else the Test captain?

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