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‘No choice but to believe police version’: Nusrat Javeed apologises over deadly attack ‘paranoia’

Hours after senior journalist Nusrat Javeed claimed he was ‘attacked’ by assailants in Islamabad, he took to Twitter and apologized saying that Islamabad police found no signs of a targeted attack and that he ‘has to accept their professional opinion’.

Senior Pakistani journalist Nusrat Javeed survives a ‘deadly attack’

“I render sincere apology to people who must have felt deeply hurt for my paranoia,” Javeed said, adding that Islamabad police told him the 6 people he thought of as ‘attackers’ were trying to help him out and that it was a stone and not gunfire that burst two tyres of his vehicle.

He said he believed the boys were ‘attackers’ because he was too traumatized to understand the situation at that time.   

Here’s what Nusrat said on Twitter moments ago

No signs of attack, rather it was an accident: Islamabad police

Nusrat apologies over ‘paranoia’, says he should not hold any responsible for it

The boys were not ‘attackers’ but helpers, believes Islamabad police. “I have no choice but to believe police version’

Javeed also thanked fellow journalists and Twitter users among others for showing support and for ‘feeling upset about my pain’. ‘Have no words to thank them.

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