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Karachi suffers from acute water shortage despite tall claims by government to fix the issue

Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi is home to 15 million people and estimated to be the 6th largest city in the world. but despite being situated on the Arabian Sea, the city suffers from acute water shortage. The main reason is water theft. People in many placed are forced to drill private ground wells for water. For those who can’t afford their own wells, they have no option but to stand in long tanker ques for water. And this isn’t just the case, for now, many places in the city have been facing acute water shortage for the past 3 months up to 4 years. According to the people, changing governments and political parties make tall claims of fixing the issue but then nothing is done. During an interview, one of the residents said that from Peoples Party to MQM and now PTI, none fears God, they make promises and leave us in suffering. Currently, Karachi’s daily water requirement is 1100 million gallon tons but it is only provided with 450 million gallon tons. The city’s main sources of water are Indus River and Hub Dam, and due to less rainfall this year, the Hub Dam has dried up. Water Board Chairman Saeed Ghani says that efforts are being made, but they can only help if the city has additional water of 100 million gallon tons. Water theft is also a problem adding to the water woes. While the Water Board is trying to finish up projects for additional pumps in Dhabeji, water leakage and theft have come up to be major hindrances. Federal Minister for Water resources Faisal Vawda had also taken action to resolve the water crisis but now he too has gone silent. Political parties and leaders only come up with statements of starting a campaign against the issues but then nothing is done. Will Karachi’s water crisis ever resolve?

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Naya Daur