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Imran Khan, Bill Gates and chicken farming: PM responds to ‘colonized’ critics

Two days after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s chicken farming plans gathered criticism, he has come up with a response. Khan took to Twitter earlier today and cited an article on how Microsoft supremo Bill Gates shared similar sentiments in 2016, but did not receive the kind of backlash Khan has.

The article, that was published in Business Insider on June 8, 2016, reported Gates’ plans to tackle poverty via poultry.  Imran shared the story’s link and said: “For the colonized minds when desis talk about chickens combating poverty they get mocked, but when “walaitis” talk about desi chicken and poverty, it’s brilliance!”

It’s clear PM Khan seems a little annoyed that his ideas were not welcomed as Bill’s, though both had practically said the same thing. Perhaps it was not Khan’s idea but choice of words that caused problems, at least that is what journalist Khurram Husain believes.

Now, for those who don’t know the back story behind all the social media criticism, here is what Khan actually said.

The premier said he and his party plan to provide rural women with chicken and eggs to help end poverty. That PTI wants poultry solutions to rural poverty woes.

PTI, Eggonomics and Naya Pakistan

Pakistan isn't going to improve with technicality. PTI presents Eggonomics for "real change".

Posted by NayaDaur on Saturday, December 1, 2018


But he was given a hard time for his choice of words. Read this article to see the reactions: ‘Eggonomics’: PM Khan’s poultry plans become laughing stock

Owing to all the stick he and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) received, Khan referred to Bill Gates’ plans and called out the critics. He also complained about discriminatory approach towards his plans.

What Bill Gates said

“These chickens are multiplying on an ongoing basis, so there’s no investment that has a return percentage anything like being able to breed chickens. The chickens are almost entirely a women’s activity, because it involves being around the household all day long,” Gates was quoted as saying by the Business Insider.

Pretty much what Khan said, or wanted to say.

But there’s only so much you can do to win the hearts of people. It seems that people are not impressed by the premier’s counter-argument either.

Okay, so Bill’s idea did not impress people either. In fact, it was considered offensive.


‘Bill Gates didn’t get this rich by chicken farming’

‘Ap kyuon hein aisay?’ ?

Here is an INTERESTING FACT about Bill Gates

‘Bill moved on’

Khan’s idea was also well received in various circles.

‘People have a habit of laughing at what they don’t understand’

Here is what one of PTI’s official Twitter accounts have to say

‘It was a genuinely good idea’

The reactions are mixed across various platforms, but if there is one thing that none can argue over is that Pakistan needs sustainable policies to end the economic crisis of present.

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