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Imam who thrashed students with pipes arrested after social media outrage

A video on social media went viral earlier this week in which a mosque Imam can be seen mercilessly thrashing children with pipes.

The person shooting the footage asks the Imam to stop hitting the children because it is inhumane. The Imam, rather than feeling guilty boasts about how the parents of the children know that he hits them every now and then when they do not perform up to the mark.

“Are you going to kill them?” asks the person.

“Yes I will kill them” responds Imam.

Apparently the one who made the video was there to offer prayer and the Imam can be heard telling him to ‘go and pray’. In other words, mind his own business.

He would also tell the Imam that it was inhumane to hit children like that but the Imam would not listen.

Social Media reacts to the video, lauds person who confronted the Imam

‘The person who confronted the Imam should be appreciated’

‘Basic problem in our system’

‘Is this how your spread the message of God?’

Violence leads to more violence?

‘Deplorable act’

The good thing is that the culprit has been arrested by the Sindh Police. The Imam’s name is Ghulam Hussain and he serves in Sarhandi Masjid in Karachi, where he teaches children the Holy Quran.

His arrest has been lauded by people across social media.

‘Good job’

‘Thanks to social media’

People are lauding Sindh Police too

Violence against children is very common in religious schools in Pakistan. It is about time government takes necessary steps to curb such inhumane treatment of students and bring those responsible to justice

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