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‘I’m an animal lover’: Aamir Liaquat’s wife Tuba reveals why she calls him a ‘Panther’

Newly-wed couple Aamir Liaquat and wife Tuba appeared on Samaa TV’s morning show and had a candid chit-chat with host Sanam Baloch.

Among an array of questions and answers, the highlight of the interview was Tuba revealing why she called Aamir Liaquat a ‘Panther’, and that is simply because she is an ‘animal lover’.

Oh! And not just that, she calls the televangelist ‘Panther’ because ‘he is too quick’. Tuba said she has seen Aamir work for 33 hours continuously during the Ramzan transmissions and was amazed by just how efficient he was.

Source: Tenor

Social Media, however, has taken the ‘animal lover’ thing out of context, maybe?

Yes, but she didn’t mean it that way… Image result for see no evil monkey emoji

Image result for see no evil monkey emojiImage result for laugh emoji

Oh No…


The two also call eachother ‘Jaami’ out of love.

Aamir got down on his knees and proposed Tuba

Tuba, who used to work with Liaquat during Ramzan transmissions, said that after the recording of the show ended, Aamir got down on his knees and proposed her and she said YES.

Source: Tenor

Aamir revealed how Tuba is his best friend for life and has changed his life. The televangelist also revealed that he had no money to give Tuba a gift so she was gifted a Go-Pro.

No restrictions on Tuba to work in entertainment industry

The couple was asked whether Tuba could work in the entertainment industry and both said yes. Aamir said he loves her voice and believes she could be a star. Aamir has also a great deal of trust in his wife.

Source: Gfycat

Relationship goals?

Aamir also took a few jabs at first wife Bushra

He said his first wife Bushra had instigated his children to write tweets against his wedding with Tuba.

Watch full interview here

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