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‘I want to work smarter’: as 2018 comes to an end

In just a few hours, the world will say goodbye to 2018 and enter 2019 with new hopes, aspirations and resolutions.

For some, 2018 was not a very good year and they would want to make 2019 a year of new beginnings. For others, however, 2018 was a fantastic year and they would like to build upon their success.

Reactions are mixed and so are resolutions. People are both excited and scared for things to come, but that’s just the beauty of it all. Isn’t it?


What’s your resolution? ‘Mine is to work smarter’ and we wish your all the best!

This user’s resolution is to be a better person everyday. We are pretty sure you will succeed in your goals.

No resolutions? No problem. Our best wishes are with you.

Surprise resolutions? Now that is a great idea

Simple as that

Awesome. We share similar sentiments.

That’s wonderful. You deserve to focus on you.

That’s a very high resolution.

What are your 2019 resolutions? Share in the comments section below

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