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Hillary Clinton, John Kerry dance Desi in Ambani wedding and it’s adorable

It seems like the Ambani Wedding is slowly taking over the world as the most lavish wedding of all time. The Desi fever has got to the United States’ political elite too.

A video of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry dancing to ‘Jummay Ki Raat (Rebecca Black’s Friday in the US)’ along with Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan has gone viral and it is the cutest thing you will see today.

Although both Hillary and Kerry are struggling to ace the Desi moves, they are doing relatively well to their credit.

Can’t beat King Khan when it comes to dance though, especially when your expertise is a little tiny bit different. However, full marks to the US dignitaries for trying.

And all the dancing has got us like

Source: Giphy

Social Media has some interesting reactions to offer.


All they ever did was dance and that was that

So US President Donald Trump is not happy… that he can’t dance like Hillary and Kerry?

Source: Reaction GIFs

Set your priorities straight, America

What a small world we live in, RIGHT?

While both Clinton and Kerry are being criticized by some sections in the US, it should not really matter when you are a seasoned politician and on top of that, get to dance with Shah Rukh Khan at the year’s biggest party, right?

We think NOT.

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