Hackers demand payment in Bitcoin to encrypt FBR data

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Hackers demand payment in Bitcoin to encrypt FBR data

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) data was hacked on Thursday, with hackers demanding payment in Bitcoins to decrypt the data.

A group that goes by the name of Paradise Ransomware Team hacked the data of the FBR. “Your important files produced by this computer have been encrypted due to a security problem. If you want to restore them, write us by email”.

Message by Paradise Randsomware Team

The hacking group further mentioned that decryption of data was only possible via a software that would be provided by the group itself which would only be available after payment via Bitcoins.

They also offered a free decryption as a guarantee, while a website was also cited to buy the Bitcoins from.

“Do not attempt to use an antivirus or uninstall the program because that would lead to data loss” warned the group

Moreover, Paradise Ransomware also said that decoders of other users are not suitable to decrypt the encrypted files, so the FBR has no option but to pay in Bitcoins and get their files back.

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