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Forbes has ranked Pakistan among 10 coolest places to visit in 2019 and we could not agree more

Top American business magazines Forbes has ranked Pakistan among the ten most coolest places to visit in 2019 and Pakistanis can not agree more.

Travel writer Ann Abel published a report after interviewing top travel agents from around the world and compiled a list of 10 hot destinations for 2019.

Among them was Pakistan, particularly Hunza, Shigar, and Khaplu via the Karakarom Highway.

Pakistanis are super happy at the country being finally recognized as one of the top tourist spots

‘Pakistan Zindabad’

We will welcome you with open arms

There’s way too much diversity at display in Pakistan and we would not hear otherwise

Here a video proof of just how cool Pakistan is

Pakistan has always been cool please

Cool and breath taking

It was about time anyway

Forbes mentioning Pakistan as one of the top 10 coolest places has come as a welcome sign for more good things to come.

And hopefully, we will see more and more tourists coming to our beautiful country next year.

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