CJP orders to seal Gourmet production unit over substandard ice cream

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CJP orders to seal Gourmet production unit over substandard ice cream

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar has ordered to seal Gourmet’s ice cream production units after its products were deemed injurious to health.

During a hearing, CJP summoned Gourmet News Network Bureau Chief Khalid Qayyum and slammed him over reaching out to him for mercy through CJP’s contacts. “How dare you ask others to make phone calls to me asking for leniency?”

Justice Nisar also summoned Gourmet surpremos Shehryar and Zulqarnain Chattha to record explanations over the matter. He also directed relative authorities to seal Gourmet’s ice cream units and also examine all other products produced by the outlet.

Director-General (DG) Food Authority Captain (retd) Muhammad Usman complained that Gourmet launched a character assassination campaign against him after he sought inquiry against the bakery products.

CJP said that character assassination of the DG was equivalent to the contempt of court and that GNN must refrain from all such practices.

Usman also complained that no TV channel or newspaper broadcasts/publishes news regarding Gourmet’s poor quality products. To this, the CJP said “we will see about this too”.

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