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‘We’ve been busy’: PTI responds to 100-day agenda criticism

After coming under immense fire for failing to implement its 100-day agenda, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has responded in the most Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) way ever. The party is being criticized by public and analysts alike for failing to bring to life all it had promised in its 100-day plan.

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Now for those who might not know about PTI’s pre-election promises, here is a quick recap: Through its 100-day agenda, PTI had promised to strengthen the federation, revitalize economy, revolutionize the social services, improve the agriculture sector and ensure Pakistan’s national security.

While most believe the ruling party has been all words but actions, PTI begs to differ. The latest of the party’s ‘naya’ ways of dealing with adversity is a newspaper advertisement that, according to PTI, proves its remarkable performance since its reign.

The advertisement is divided into two parts.

The first one goes like this:

And here is the second one which goes by the title of ‘Progress Worth A Thousand Words’:

The first part is a waste of space, quite frankly. There are just a couple of captions, the more prominent one being ‘we were busy’ and then another one in the bottom-right that says ‘turn the page for Naya Pakistan’. Rest of the space is all blank.

But the second part is where the fun really begins. It has numerous headlines that ‘prove’ Khan and his party are fulfilling their promises. But does it really? Let’s take a look at some of its headlines.

‘THE CHANGE HAS COME! Prime Minister Imran Khan’

And must we say, Rok Sako To Rok Lo, the change has come. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is an achievement worth cherishing.

‘PM hopes India will mend its ways’

This is supposed to some remarkable achievement never witnessed before and might not be replicated ever again. Hoping India will mend its ways is a feather in PTI government’s cap. Well done, guys!

‘Violence in the name of religion must come to an end: PM’

Prime Minister Imran Khan has made history with this one. He has said something that no one else has ever said before, or have they? Sarcasm aside, one cannot simply comprehend how a statement, and an obvious one, can be counted as an achievement. PTI’s PR office should be opened for public.

‘We are sitting on ‘dead capital’ worth millions: PM’

PTI is surely the superhero party that Pakistan had been waiting for. Just 100 days in office, and PM Khan has already outscored all of the counterparts of the past. We did not know we were sitting on dead capital worth millions. Thank you for the enlightenment, PTI!

‘PM promises a clean and green Karachi’

What an achievement. Khan has promised a clean and green Karachi, name another PM who has promised the same.

Progress Worth A Thousand Words

It is outrageous to even believe that the above mentioned headlines were part of an advertisement that ought to highlight ‘achievements’. Empty statements are not achievements, words are not actions. What’s happening, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf?

With these headlines, the document might as well be called ‘A Thousand Words’. THAT would make a lot more sense.

There are actually a few reasonable points mentioned, however, which can be counted as achievements

And to PTI’s credit, we will be highlighting them.

‘PM launches citizens’ complaint receiving system’

Now we are talking. You see, this is as simple as that. Prime Minister Imran Khan last month launched citizens’ complaint receiving system. Through the system, people can register their complaints online which will be forwarded to the relative authorities and acted upon. More of these, Insafians.

PM Imran Khan during his visit to the complaint cell

‘Pak, UAE agree to forge ‘strategic economic’ ties’

We will give this one to the ruling government too. Given Pakistan’s economic woes, steps such as these can surely limit the damage if not provide a long-term and sustainable solution to the country’s problems.

‘Saudi Arabia assures Imran of maximum assistance’

Similar to the aforementioned achievement, this too is a logical progress point since a strong foreign policy is vital for the country’s internal progress. We must strive to build healthy relations with countries across the globe.

While PTI believes what it has outlined in their advertisements are accolades, there are hardly any. Perhaps if you look a little closer, you might find some 4-5 worthy mentions among 50 odd ‘achievements’. So, it was a good effort by PTI, but it does not do any good to the party’s case.


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