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His Facebook posts suggest SP Dawar supported PTM

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The recently kidnapped Superintendent of Police (SP) Rural Peshawar, Mohammed Tahir Dawar, was reportedly murdered. Social media was outraged as reports came in that SP Dawar’s dead body had been found.

On Friday, October 26, 2018, SP Dawar had mysteriously disappeared from Islamabad. Police forces of Islamabad and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) were jointly investigating his disappearance. As per reports, it appeared that the SP had been abducted. However, no clues had been found nor had any ransom amount been demanded.

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Dawar hailed from North Waziristan and had previously served in the FIA (Federal Intelligence Agency) at Peshawar’s International Airport. He was also a fortunate survivor of two separate suicide blasts in Bannu, KP.

As the reports of SP Dawar’s murder came on the social media, questions were raised on the very reasons behind his disappearance and murder. It may seem that his abduction was a result of a personal rivalry. However, nothing is clear as yet.

Tabinda M. Khan, a journalist and social activist, tweeted a series of posts showing that Dawar apparently supported the Pakistan Tahafuz Movement (PTM) demands.

As per the tweets, SP Dawar’s Facebook account suggested that he supported PTM’s demands. Dawar was not only forward-looking but also vocal about the issues of locals, discussing the concerns with his superiors so that a constructive outcome may be achieved.

The murdered SP openly shared his beliefs and causes he was supporting. Dawar was sensitive to the plight of Pakistan’s Transgender community and had shared a documentary on September 9 with a caption “One of the best documentaries on Transgenders in Pakistan. Must watch it, to know who they are”.

In another tweet, Tabinda shared Dawar’s posts on how he was working with the elected local public representatives to resolve the issues and concerns of the people.

Most importantly, in the series of tweets, Dawar’s August tweet clearly showed his staunch support for PTM’s Mohsin Dawar. In his post, SP Dawar had shared a picture of Mohsin Dawar’s speech in the National Assembly with a caption “The people of Waziristan have hope that Mohsin Dawar will honor the right of representation and will take the voice of the oppressed to the assembly, whose fury the assembly’s mic will perhaps be unable to withstand.”

SP Dawar’s death is a big question mark over the competence of police, who cannot ensure the security of its own officials, let alone the common Pakistanis. But the burning question here is SP Dawar’s mysterious kidnapping and murder. What exactly could have been the reason for such a brutal murder?


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