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Disney movies and 5 incredible life-long lessons to learn from them

Disney, a perfectionist in making kid’s animation movies, is and has been a legacy with perfect story write-up and theme. Although the movies seem to be for kids, an entertainment taking them to the world of fantasy, creativity and magic. However, behind the animation and graphics, Disney has without any doubt made movies that left a mark on the hearts and minds of its viewers.

Here are 5 Disney movies that have incredible life-lasting lessons:

  1. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (1991) animation is one of the best films produced by Disney. The story is full of life with its strong characters. Behind the world of fairy tale, the movie comes with a very deep message “beauty is from within”. However, that’s not all, it gives another message to us, that one should encourage positive and healthy interests of its loved ones. In the movie, while Gaston and the village found Belle as a misfit, the beast respected her passion for book reading and gifted her a whole library.

2. Cinderella

Disney’s classic Cinderella (1950) is till date considered to be a perfect example of a fairytale, with talking animals, fairy godmother and a prince. Although the movie’s storyline is very typical, behind the story lies an incredible lesson that if you walk on the straight path, you’ll be rewarded even if the odds are against you. Another lesson that can be derived from the movie is that being mean or treating people badly, takes you no where in life.

3. Frozen

The animated film Frozen (2013) turned out to be a hit, capturing the market with its catchy tunes, icey graphics and the bond of sisterly love. The movie revolved around the story of Princess Elsa cursed with magical powers she was unable to conceal and ended up pushing her sister away. But the real message behind the movie that changed the very concept of true love in the Disney movies. The movie passed on the message that family comes first and at times its all that you need. Another message was that it’s OK to express what and who you are and what you feel. Expressing your emotions the right way is always better than suppressing them.

4. Mulan


Disney’s classic honor story Mulan was a very different storyline, not the typical fantasy and young love one. The animation revolves around the story of a young girl Mulan defying norms and going to war. The movie in its true essence projects a very strong message that one should be who they are even if people disagree. Other than that the movie is all about defying gender stereotypes and believing in yourself even if it brings harm to oneself.

5. The Lion King

The animated movies perfectionist Disney’s The Lion King (1994) was one of the films that ruled the lives of 90’s kids. The film presents the circle of life with lions, hyenas and Simba’s evil uncle Scar. Behind all the colors, silliness, adventures of Nala and Simba and the introduction of Timone and Pumba’s philosophy of Hakuna Matata (no worries) lays truly incredibly meaningful messages for all ages. The animation beautifully projects that no matter how we all are we belong and are connected in the great circle of life. Another lesson that can be learnt is that one cannot simply run from his/her past or responsibilities, eventually coming to a point in life when one has to face what one fears from.

Animated movies are merely watched for entertainment, but if one digs deeper and sees beyond what meets the eye, these lessons can definitely be worth keeping in mind for people of all ages. Disney without any doubt has passed on quality content to generations and continues to do so.


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