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5 Symptoms of Breast Cancer You Should Know About

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Breast Cancer awareness month comes every year in the month of October where most people wear pink ribbons and several seminars are held to enlighten people about this highly preventable yet dangerous disease. Everyone wears the ribbon with enthusiasm but hardly anyone follows or remembers what is talked about at the colloquium. Hence the rest of the year people seem to forget the importance of effectively treating and preventing this from happening upon the first sign of suspicion.

To talk of breast cancer which is very common in women nowadays and the increase in the incidence of this disease has led to the development of medications and various measures that can identify it in the beginning and end it from spreading further. Almost all the patients identified in their stage I and II get survive.

To aid in the prevention of the spread what we can do sitting at home is be educated enough to identify the problem when it arises rather than waiting on a good time in ignorance and reaching a point where chemotherapy or radiation is also of no use.

Here are 5 symptoms which one can find in breast cancer:
1. Swelling: Not necessarily you need a lump which is palpable to prompt a suspicion to see a doctor. Swelling on all or part of the breast or armpit can also be one of the earlier symptoms that require further investigation. Basically, any change in size, structure, skin, shape of the breast from the other cannot be ignored.

2. Breast or nipple pain: A retracted nipple is a giveaway symptom of a cancerous lesion in the breast but so is the unusual pain in the breast or nipple.

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3. Back pain: While most of have work that requires us to sit for hours and we complain of a backache on a regular basis. However, back pain (mostly upper back) is also a scream for breast cancer as the developing tumor puts pressure on the ribs and spine causing persistent pain. A backache persistent despite pain medications is also a red flag.

4. Nutrient Deficiency: while most of us adapt to a trending diet to lose weight what we don’t realize is that we lose on some important nutrients as wells. Lack of vitamin D and Iodine increases the risk of developing breast cancer. A study in Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism discovered that low vitamin D levels are a hallmark in women with breast cancer. later many studies reconfirmed the same statement.

5. Discharge: Besides milk, while you are feeding your child, any discharge coming from your nipples requires an investigation and cannot be ignored. It may not indicate cancer but it is also something that a doctor needs to evaluate further.

Always remember whether you have a family history or not of breast cancer, regular checkups with your primary health care physician are important after the age of 50.


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