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Long Live Sidhu Pa Jee

Imran Khan has become the Prime Minister. Earlier, he enjoyed premiership on Facebook, but now he is officially sworn in. His longstanding dream of wearing Black sherwani has finally materialized. He has been addressing the nation but now his address is dignified as official. Taking him easy will certainly push you in lion’s den.

I must explain that this blog is not about Imran Khan, but what I should do when he is ubiquitously omnipresent. No joke please. It will not be exaggeration to say that whatever our differences with Imran Khan’s political life or present life, his past has been a matter of pride for us. Being a national hero, he deserves due applause and commendation. His fans are present not only in Pakistan but also in all cricket playing countries.

Smile is his trademark

Like Imran Khan, his old friends and cricketers have also jumped into political fray. Commentators they are by default. One of them is a famous Indian cricketer, Navjot Singh Sidhu. The sight of smiling Sidhu clad in colorful turbans gratifies the heart. He appeared in a comedy show as a judge. His big laughter spices up Kapil Sharma’s show. Smile is his trademark.

When premiership of Imran Khan was announced, many of his old friends got excited. Sidhu Pa Jee, Kapil and Sunil Gavaskar are notable among them. They were sent the invitation cards of oath taking ceremony of Mr Khan, but politics has no heart. The hostility between both the countries doesn’t allow any kind of mutual friendship to blossom or to mend fences. Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar crawled back, but Sidhu Pa Jee ventured to skate on thin ice happily. Such is his friendship.

Sidhu Pa Jee could become a hero in India had he opened fire here

He visited Pakistan, relished tasty dishes, did shopping and won the hearts… as simple as sunshine. What a conquest! Then, wearing a pink turban, he reached the oath taking ceremony. General Bajwa, who himself is a Punjabi, met him and hugged him. Anyhow, Mr Bajwa is immune to criticism here, but Sidhu Pa Jee’s countrymen went ballistic in no time. His political rivals exploited the occasion, kicking up a countrywide campaign against him. The same Sidhu Pa Jee could become a hero in India had he opened fire here.

If Sidhu Pa Jee won our heart, what is amiss for India?

We fail to understand how peace can be detrimental. For how long will these two neighboring countries with mutual boundaries and ancestry, continue to fan the fire of hatred? We love Indian film stars. If Sidhu Pa Jee won our heart, what is amiss for India? If peace is a futile thing, what is the worth of these embassies?

According to Sidhu Pa Jee, the opening of corridor to Darbar Kartarpura will cement broken hearts of Punjab. Think, if yesterday our pilgrimage to Mecca is contingent on politics, what will be our feelings? Then why Sikhs’ pilgrimage to their holy places is made so conditional. So what if Pa Jee became emotional at this heartfelt offer?

Similar story on both sides

Anyhow, if Rameez Raja had joined Indian Prime Minister’s oath taking ceremony and hugged India army chief, we would have reacted in the same way. Only characters would change. God knows when the flood of hatred will recede. For how long will masses suffer in the inferno of power politics?

We demand that Sidhu Pa Jee should be declared a Fried of Pakistan. He should be asked to relish Dahi Bhalle in Regal Chowk, Lahore every year. March of Love should continue. Pa Jee, are you hearing me?


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