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For PML-N and PPP, the campaign may backfire

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Anti-Imran political parties have established ‘an alliance for transparent elections’. It recorded its first protest in front of the main office of Election Commission of Pakistan. The next protest will be in front of all regional offices in four provinces. This alliance has been set up to reject the election results, and to continue a campaign against them. But all political parties are going to take oath to be a part of national and provincial assemblies nonetheless.

Molana Fazl ur-Rehman, issuing a six-minute video statement, appealed to the people in general and to his party in particular to close down all highways of the country on August 9.

PPP knows which side of bread is buttered

From the day first, PPP is of the view that it will carry on its struggle in the Parliament instead of becoming a part of any protest which should hurt people.

In the recent general elections, PPP bagged 70,000 more votes than the previous ones, and claimed 12 extra seats. In this way, it pocketed big profit with minor investment.

PML-N lost its more than 1.8 million votes and almost half of the seats. But it was Moulana Fazl ur-Rehman who has taken the biggest hit. He wasn’t even able to make it to the Assembly this time.

In this way, PPP seems to have had a big slice of the cake.

Will PPP raise the slogan: ‘Give respect to the vote’?

But…. If the alliance established at the consent of N-League and JUI has to stick to one slogan, then it will be the narrative of Nawaz Sharif: ‘Give respect to the vote’.

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But PPP opposed this slogan from day-one. So, if it joins this protest, it will be tantamount to accepting Nawaz Sharif’s narrative.

The second trial of PPP will commence after Prime Minister’s elections. At present, N League is a majority party in the Senate. It wants to put in a no-confidence motion against the Chairman Senate who was entitled as a result of a dirty game played by the same PPP in collusion with Imran Khan. If PPP and N-League join hands now, Sadiq Sanjarni formula will be gone with the wind. But it is provisional, and only PPP knows which side of its bread is buttered.

GDA balloon was not deflated for nothing

GDA’s ghost was charmed to haunt PPP but it met its second burial on July 25. Therefore, PPP and PML-N alliance doesn’t seem to last long. Prime Minister’s succession will clear the dust and we’ll then be able to see which side is taken by who.

For now, I can recall the event of two men who were cutting a camel’s hair. As they were doing so, the camel got up all of a sudden. Both of them caught hold of each other’s beards and hung with the neck of the standing camel. Both of them shouted not to leave the beard or they would fall. The present situation is no different.


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