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Jibran Nasir, the future

When we think of the greatest Pakistanis to have ever lived, one of the names to come to mind is that of Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab. Unless of course you are Khadim Rizvi or one of his minions. They hate anything and everything good for the country. So in case you see yourself agreeing with them on any issue whatsoever, know that you are on the wrong side of things. Edhi Sahab’s wife did always say, ‘There is more hostility towards us from the religious and political groups.’

What made Edhi Sahab special was not just his charity work but also that he truly served the people of Pakistan equally. He never looked at color, status, sect, let alone even religion. It is commonly known when people asked him why he must pick up Christians and Hindus in his ambulance, he replied, ‘because the ambulance is more Muslim than you.”

He may not have been in politics but he led people. Led them into trying to be better versions of themselves. If you ever wonder what makes a true patriot, a glance at Edhi sahab would be the best example.

There’s only one politician walking Edhi’s path today

Fast forward to today. With the elections just a day away, when you look around, is there anyone trying to follow the steps of Edhi Sahab? The comparison may be coming from two different poles, but there is one such person, Jibran Nasir.

Every single day, he has been attacked by TLP and other extremists for refusing to belittle another’s religious belief.

When Trudeau gives space to religions and celebrates Eid with Muslims, we do the bhangra. When people like Sadiq Khan become mayor of Western capitals, we celebrate. However, when our own is tolerant towards another, an earthquake quite literally takes part inside of us.

He doesn’t lie to please people into voting him

A man of discipline who does not move from his principles, just so he can please (ie LIE to) people into getting votes, Jibran Nasir is referred to as a RAW agent and even a Kaafir in result. Please remember, time and time again Edhi sahab’s religion was questioned as well because, like Nasir, he also refused to stick his nose into other people’s personal religion.

Nasir has also been called a friend of blasphemers based on some vague reply to a tweet from years ago. Mind you, the very people circulating those are the sort who spend 24/7 googling and ogling women and then complain that women are ‘behuda.’ They are also the same people, who supported the lynching of Mashal Khan based on some fake and out of context FB comments.

He is attacked daily by extremists because he refuses to parrot their mantra

The biggest hindrance towards him right now comes from the extremists (TLP in particular) because he refuses to call Ahmadis non-Muslims. Thus, he is also called an Ahmadi. Because the logic in Pakistan for many is that, only one who belongs to the sect/religion in question will protect it. We don’t think much of ourselves, do we? Let’s just skip the fact that since he is taking part in the elections, he is obviously not an Ahmadi. But common sense is the first thing to go when one steps into the world of bigotry. If you are wondering how, then look at Trump. Perhaps you will understand better then.

If you think he, and other Muslims like him, should sit there declaring other people non-Muslims (even though religiously that is something we are clearly not allowed to do) then skip right back to the first paragraph and line yourself behind Khadim Rizvi and know that you stand with extremists who attacked Edhi sahab for the same reasons.

Hazaras, Christians, Kasur child abuse victims, Shias in Parachina, Mashal Khan – Jibran was there for everyone

‘Hum mein se aik’ is his election slogan which tells you straight off, that he stands for every Pakistani no matter who they are. His politics does not concern obtaining and abusing power! If it had been, he would be saying exactly what the people are demanding him to, just to get votes.

He was there standing with the Hazaras, the Shias of Parachinar, Christians, the abused from Kasur, Mashal Khan, Khadija Sidiqque, every time, someone needed support. His voice was there, he was there. Pakistan needs THIS. No wonder his logo is that of a loudspeaker.

His manifesto was rated the best out of all

His manifesto was voted the best one by PILAP out of all the political parties, because his concern starts and ends with the people.

Other parties have lined themselves with some banned outfits and extremists in hopes to get support and votes. Not thinking of the future that this very people will drag them to and the rest of the country down with them. A single disagreement is all it will take.

While they are running their campaigns by making promises, Jibran is making the difference now. When he was attacked by goons, he did not retaliate or even call them names. He in fact gave them hugs and blew kisses. He leads by actions, not just words. The other parties talk about later, he does about now.

Vote for Jibran!

There is this argument going around that a single man can’t make a difference. Edhi Sahab grew into one of the world’s greatest philanthropists and he started out completely alone as a 23-year-old migrant with just a few rupees in his hand.

A single man can do everything. The change starts with one person. It takes one single person. And today, this person is the simple man who wears his mother’s silk dupatta cut in half as a handkerchief in his waistcoat.

Don’t waste your vote. Vote for the man who wants to make your country better. Vote for Jibran Nasir. He is the future.


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