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I’m Going To Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse

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Elections 2018 ended up making Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf the single largest parliamentary force in the country, who managed to bag a good amount of votes against arch rivals PML-N, yet not enough to form a government on their own. Since then ‘The Independents’ have got into limelight, inducing some nail biting climaxes to PTI’s election thriller flick. Well, long story short, PTI’s every cloud seems to have a silver lining, created by Jahangir Tareen’s private jet. Never mind, he’s just… ‘Good will hunting’.

Jahangir Tareen counting independent canditates

Sorry to confess, but here I wish I had someone like JKT in my life, who could look at me like he looks at independent candidates these days.

My sources at Dank Meme Association have reported that Mr Jahangir Corleone has been leaving no stone unturned these days, hence making offers nobody could ever refuse. Talking about majorities and formation of federal government, one must not underestimate Pakistan People’s Party’s role, which could have helped Imran seize the majority with ease.

One point to ponder here is the infamous dialogue from ‘The Godfather’, that I feel like quoting.

Keep the electables close but your independents closer (With apologies to Mario Puzo)

One can assume the intensity of situation and pressure upon Jahangir Khan for this painstaking task he has been assigned to lure Independents.

Having unveiled the other side of this picture, it is feared some Hollywood fans mistook Mr Tareen to be in Jason Statham’s role in ‘The Transporter’.

Being kidnapped? Oh no…

Tell me you’re not an independent, i’ll spare you.

Moreover, the sources claim that Jahangir Tareen was about to give up at the start. Later his informers apprised him on presence of some independents on Mars. And in a galaxy far, far away he traveled t0…

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Journey back to earth had been a lot tiring, JKT decided to play ‘Pokemon Go’ and got another surprise.

The field of my study ‘Political Engineering’ has had me feeling so low lately, yet the game of independents has already made up for the boredom. It’s evident, Mr Jahangir ATM Khan has not disappointed his Debit card holders, and PTI is highly likely to form governments, both in Federal and Punjab, with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa being an earned victory. Pakistan Zindabaad! Humor Paendabaad!


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