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Bilawal is neither a man, nor does he know our culture

Political temperature is rising. Election campaign is picking up momentum. Discorded voices are heard from all sides. Among them, two voices have been silenced, but leave these hot potatoes aside. We value our life, and so do you. Was it right or wrong is none of our business. TV channels are having a field day. They may hold the banner of disclaimer, but ‘if you can pay, the German will play.’ And be sure, they have much to play and market.

‘Pervez and Ayaz’ join the same rank

Notwithstanding my journalistic obligations, I try to keep off TV channels. Ugh… what boisterous commotion it is! It pounds on my head. As humble reasoning dies out, rowdiness fills the gap in. They spill out abusive words, surpassing each other, or challenging each other in the name of honor and women. They use curse words in public with least blush on their cheeks. If you disagree with them, you will soon be bombarded with these ‘dirty bombs’.

No one is going to hang the boots, all join the foray

The herald of new Pakistan, Imran Khan never slanders others’ mothers or sisters but it can’t be said about his young followers whose hot blood cuts loose at a little goading. After all, they are men, and thus prone to provocation.

But some men are different

But in the charged mob, a young buck unaware of abusive culture is an exception. And he is jeeringly called a eunuch and emasculated for it. He doesn’t have those subcontinental masculine bearings. Yes, I mean Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. We don’t know if objection is about his lineage or masculinity? He is also criticized for being unaware of our culture. How will he manage the country? It is men’s business. Hecklers say. Yes, men saturated in insolence and indifference can do the job. But Bilawal, who keeps on smiling and hugging people, can’t be a man at the helm. To assert his manhood, and thereby entitlement, he should wear severity on his face and repulse the workers.

Perhaps Mr Zardari wanted to teach him ‘politics’ but he just wouldn’t learn it

This promising son of Benazir Bhutto didn’t find politics a bed of roses. After the heart rending death of his mother, this nineteen year old young man had to shoulder the responsibility which seemed to offend him at the time. It was the same kid who once was seen playing as a kid in the PM house with his mother, and then wearing shorts, visiting various prisons to meet his imprisoned father. Often the news of discord between Bilawal and his father, Asif Zardari, hit the airwaves. Perhaps he wanted to instill in Bilawal the tricks of politics but the youngster was unwilling to oblige.

Cruel circumstances deprived him of his mother and childhood but couldn’t embitter his personality

Even today, he, giving interview to Indian media, doesn’t call down Pakistani government. He shares happiness with Hindus. He calls off his election campaign on the eve of Balochistan tragedy, saying, ‘I can’t bear that here people are dying and I am singing election songs.’ He voices against the arrest of workers of his political rival, Nawaz Sharif.  He outwits TV anchors who interview him but all the same, his tone is low and face is smiling.

Really, he has no manhood or cognizance of culture

Really, he has no manhood or cognizance of culture, because our culture doesn’t allow this decency. Nor does he qualify to the standard of manhood set by our society. It is feared that Bilawal may attract old PPP diehards and heal the wound inflicted by Zardari.


Bhutto keeps resurrecting

Let me say that if PPP ever makes a comeback in Punjab, Bilawal will be the main instrument in this development. His mentors are requested to withdraw their guardianship and leave the field open for this promising son of BB.

When ‘Jeay Bhutto’ slogans are raised and people of Punjab smile, our hearts are pound too. Yes, Bhutto seems to be immortal. He just keeps coming back. Then, he came back in his daughter’s face. Now, it is Bilawal. Each time, he has come more powerful than before.


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