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Ever imagined becoming a father? This short passage by Mohsin Hamid will tell you how it feels

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Mohsin Hamid is one of the most acclaimed Pakistani fiction writers in English language. His novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist received praise all over the world. A 2012 Hollywood movie based on the novel also received a lot of attention. His Moth Smoke and the 2017 Exit West have been major hits too. Changez of The Reluctant Fundamentalist, played by Riz Ahmed in the movie, is a character that almost every confused Muslim could relate to back in 2007 when the novel was actually written. But the following essay, On Fatherhood, from his 2014 collection of essays Discontent and Its Civilizations is probably something every man on Earth would relate to. He’s put out his heart in this short essay. It didn’t require a reference, didn’t need an approval. The emotion was so real it was almost tangible. I could actually feel a daughter in my arms while reading it. So without further ado, here’s the passage. Hope you’d be able to appreciate.


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