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Why always the woman?

It is difficult to be a woman anywhere, thanks to the male-dominated society! Life is not the same for man and woman in any part of the world. Nonetheless, many societies have improved their ethical bearing; but things are different in our dear homeland. It doesn’t mean that here women’s life is an unending nightmare. In many ways, Pakistani society is smooth-going for women, but when seen in a collective perspective, things are irrefutably testing.

Daughter-in-law has little peace at home

It is noteworthy that this demeanor isn’t limited to a particular class or mindset. A housewife has to bear the same ordeal as a working woman does in the office. The woman who sacrifices herself at the altar of orthodox traditions of a society, her life, in spite of this sacrifice, is not a bed of roses. But if seen in terms of the difficulty levels of a video game, then the woman who somehow manages to break through the status quo is at the level two of the game.

Either woman is ‘Sati Savitri’ or she enjoys fast food

We, the women, are instructed to never speak aloud. We should pay attention to manage our home, kowtow to each diktat, and no matter what others say, we must hold our tongues. I remember my maternal grandma didn’t like a woman of taste. According to her standard, a good woman is one who is not particular about her palate. A woman who doesn’t give her share of meat to her man is not a good woman; so is the one who refuses to eat home cooked food.   Only evil women buy fast food for themselves from bazaar. In short, every woman who expresses herself, or takes her decision in her own hand, can’t be pious. As tolerance and patience are too much to seek in our society, such ‘bad woman’ is taunted and criticized by all.

Speak; this little time may just be enough

It is the age of social media. Everyone can speak out, a cul-de-sac in the past. Now you may hold your tongue and type the post, it will still echo everywhere. The number of ‘bad women’ has increased, and so has the criticism on them. As we too belong to the same clan, we will not abstain from speaking our hearts out. It is our prevalent mannerism that we respect only that woman who happens to be our mother, sister, wife or daughter. A woman having an identity should also be ready to bear the brunt. These women are considered a slur upon the honor of the society. As if the abusers are the guardians of national honor.

They dictate even Mahira Khan as they dictate the women of their own households

This conduct is not limited to sensible women. Just see the social media accounts of women celebrities. From Meesha Shafi to Mahira Khan, no one is secure from condemnation. An insignificant photo can break all hell upon them. It is their gall to bear such attacks. No woman, whether writers, actresses, politicians, analysts on social media or just housewives, is immune to mudslinging. If you break away from trite opinion, you must be ready to bear the Tsunami of insult, falling on your head.

You may suggest its solution better than us. But if this solution is silence, we reject it. If you mingle it with politeness, maturity and mellowness of thoughts, we will be thankful to you.


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