5 must-read books for Pakistanis

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5 must-read books for Pakistanis

We often hear the idea from progressive commentators that the Pakistani state and society provides a very toxic worldview under the guise of building a ‘unique’ national identity. Such ideas, we are told, are sustained by the combined effect of the educational system, the media and ‘popular’ discourse in general.
If one accepts that there is merit to this idea, can we begin to speak of some sort of antidote to the poison so administered? What would a reverse process look like?
Can we envision a process of intellectual, ethical and spiritual healing? And if a progressive political movement were to adopt this as one of its central goals, what sort of material would it encourage the urban public to look into?
In an effort to begin some sort of dialogue on that, I offer a list of five ‘must-read’ books in today’s Pakistan. Allow me to explain why these five came to mind.
With the first book, we attempt to establish just how deep the rabbit-hole of lies peddled by the rulers and the educational system goes.

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