Pakistan-American Woman Named Texas University's New Dean for College of Business Administration

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2020-07-15T15:46:58+05:00 Naya Daur
Dr Faiza Khoja, a Pakistani-American citizen, has been named to head the  A&M-Central Texas's the university's Dean of the College of Business Administration.

"We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Khoja to A&M-Central Texas," noted Dr. Peg Gray Vickrey, A&M-Central Texas provost on university's website. "Our College of Business Administration is proud of its undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Khoja's experience and skillset compliments both all that we have done in the last decade and all we look forward to doing in the future."

Khoja is recognised in her field for her scholarly publications in both academic and practitioner journals, such as the Journal of Business Strategies, the Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Management Issues, and many others.

She has also been an active member of community boards, having served as chair, vice-chair, and secretary of the Board of Directors of a federal credit union. More recently, she spearheaded fundraising for the Aga Khan Foundation in the Southwest region, and served as founder and CEO of a non-profit special needs school for four years.

Expected to begin her appointment in two weeks, Dean Khoja expressed her gratitude to the University, its faculty and staff, and the community for the opportunity to serve and the warm reception she has received during the interview process, expressing her interest in community service throughout the region.
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